Thor's Kitchen is a parody cooking show featured Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. After ruling Asgard, he tries to tame hunger, by cooking a variety of dishes.

The sub-plot of this show follows Thor's marriage. Thor had been kicked out of the house by his wife, who he tries to woo by baking their daughter a cake, in the hopes that his wife will see that he has changed. His wife finally allows him to move back in; however, not for very long. Hercules brings him brandy to cook with, but Dionysus, excited by the prospect of alcohol, casts a spell on Thor, causing him to drink. Thor's wife catches him and kicks him out again. After Thor gets divorced, he continues to make cooking shows, but with much less enthusiasm, eventually breaking down and crying on the show.


  • Thor: Brad Knight
  • Dyonisis: Matt Sloan
  • Hercules: Dan Davies
  • Thor's wife: Aaron Yonda

His helper's Dionysus and Hercules are very disinterested in the show. Hercules is more interested in his vestal virgins who are hanging on his arm; so much so, that he eventually gets an intern to replace him.. Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine, is always seen drinking and he often antagonizes Thor, taking pleasure when he screws up the meal, always calling it "shit." Hercules's duties are to bring Thor the main ingredient for each show, however he always messes up. Dionysus is the co-host.

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