Super Shooter tells the tale following an agent of some sort who work for the government and protects foreign dignitaries. His tools are an air horn and a gun. He has a dog called Lil' Shooter.

The show is a parody of spy shows and movies. It has overly-dramatic performances, bizarre plot twists, and misplaced vulgarity. The Super Shooter theme song is a clear parody on James Bond.


  • Super Shooter: Aaron Yonda
  • Super Shooter's Dad: Aaron Yonda
  • Everyone Else: Matt Sloan
  • Lil' Shooter: Finn


Super Shooter saves a foreign dignitary from an assassination attempt. Super Shooter's boss, Chief, hires him to kill his own father, but Super Shooter becomes a drunk and isn't up to the job. Super Blaster gets hired in Super Shooter's stead. Super Shooter's father, as it turns out, was in cahoots with Super Blaster to blow up the police station. Super Shooter is kidnapped by his father and Super Blaster. Super Shooter breaks free and kills his father. Super Blaster comes back and blows up Super Shooter's house, nearly killing Super Shooter and instead killing Lil' Shooter. Super Shooter stays with Chief and becomes obsessed with work. Chief starts obsessing about his old partner, who he accidentally killed. Super Shooter tracks down Super Blaster's parents and murders them. Chief figures out what Super Shooter did and puts out a shoot-to-kill on him. Super Shooter gets shot by police, but Chief cancels the shoot-to-kill on him. Chief gets demoted by the commissioner. Super Shooter gets saved by a foreign dignitary that he saved previously. He is invited to join an international team of crime fighters, which coincidentally has Chief in it. The show then turns into a parody of CSI:Miami as Super Shooter and Chief try to track down a murderer.


  • Jack Black told Aaron that he really liked Super Shooter

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