McCout's in Session is a parody of court shows. It features Leonard J. McCourt, a judge in a local court, that has to reside over the strange cases of the town.

The show takes brief breaks to show McCourt doing a public service announcement, telling youths to not allow adults to touch them.

Main Cast

  • McCourt: Matt Sloan
  • Bayliff: John Lee
  • Lance Battista: Craig Johnson

The Cases

  • Tooth or Consequences: A man sues his dentist for pulling more teeth than he was supposed to, McCourt rules in the dentists favor, so long as the dentist can take care of his chipped tooth.
  • Boyfriend-Girlfriend Dispute: A girlfriend is suing her boyfriend for flooding the basement with water. McCourt sentences that the boyfriend has to "pay $80 for the phone bill" and that they have to get back together and make it work.
  • Breakfast Flakes: A radio listener sues a DJ because he was the correct caller but he did not win. McCourt rules in favor of the DJ because the DJ guarantees him backstage passes to James Taylor.
  • The Magician: A man sues his neighbor, a magician, for breaking his driveway, taking his mailbox, damaging his aunt, and scaring his wife with a goat. McCourt rules in favor of the magician because he changed his gavel into a violin, then a bowling pin.
  • The Money Grubber: A woman sues her husband, who is in jail, for not giving her money. McCourt rules in favor of the husband, sentencing the wife and her children to spending two weeks in jail with her husband.
  • The Bread Basher: Hal Thompson sues a man for hitting him in the head with bread. McCourt throws them both out of his court, while a random baguette flies through the air and hits Hal Thompson in the head.
  • The Guitarist: A man, who previously sued the magician, sues his other neighbor, a guitarist, for listening to his private conversations of him abusing his son and making music out of it. McCourt rules in favor of the guitarist because he doesn't like people who complain.
  • The Roommates: A man sues his roommate for leaving the apartment in a mess when he moved out. McCourt rules in favor of the roommate because he was flirting with McCourt.

Episode List

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