Complete Idiot is a Blame Society Films sketch comedy series created by Aaron Yonda. The series was created as a spin-off of Fun Rangers and Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, following the story of Hal Thompson at his workplace.

The series begins with Hal working at a bookstore. His job isn't easy though as he must deal with the malicious company computer. Later, his manager entrusts him to look after the store while he's gone on vacation. In the following episode, Hal, back at the receptionist's desk, gets sucked into a book. Hal gets knocked cold but is woken up by a knight (played by Greg Benson), who escorts him to his master, Mister P.

The third episode has Hal back working but this time he is an employee at a chocolate shop. Kritch, Hal's significant other, arranged with the manager of the store to have him start working there. The manager soon puts him to work while he leaves for a cosplay convention.



The first episode was filmed entirely in The Frugal Muse, a bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin. The second episode starts in the bookstore but Hal gets transported into a grassland fantasy land. The third episode was filmed entirely at Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier.


The show was written by Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan with assistance by Courtney Collins. Others involved in the creation of the show were Rick Fatke and James Monette (lights), Charley Brown (special effects), Lesliegh Luttrell and Lisa Roman (location scouting).


The third episode was funded by a GoFundMe campaign.

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