CSI: North Pole is a parody on CSI: Miami, Nibbles is an elf cop and Santa is his chief. The show features over-dramatic acting, criminal chases, and inappropriate puns; Nibbles even groans at his own corny dialogue.

Main Cast

  • Nibbles: Aaron Yonda
  • Santa: Matt Sloan
  • Nipples: Craig Johnson


Nibbles investigates the missing presents in a household. He tracks it down to a librarian and shoots him.

Nibbles gets a partner, Nipples, as they try to track down a drug deal. Nibbles starts to doubt Santa's competence because he is being sent on a non-Christmas related mission with a sexy elf.

Nibbles gets caught by the drug dealers, but is saved by Nipples. Nipples distracts the dealers with a sexy dance, giving Nibbles a chance to shoot them. They find the drugs with a note from Santa that says to distribute the drugs to schoolchildren.

Nibbles confronts Santa, who cries about being addicted to drugs and tries to shoot Nibbles with a toy gun. Nibbles shoots Santa in self defense. Because he killed Santa, Nibbles takes his place. Santa takes a long time dying while Nibbles completely transforms into Santa and Santa transforms into Nibbles. Nibbles heals and they trade places. Everything is back to normal and Nipples comes in and dances sexily as Santa laughs and cheers him on.


  • The outtakes on episode 1 - Christmas Served Cold actually came out almost year before the show began

Episode List

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